Comprehensive Podiatric Service

Most people call them bunions, but doctors call them hallux valgus. No matter what you call them, if you have bunions on your feet, bring them to our attention at Complete Foot Care. We will properly diagnose your condition and provide the best recommendation to ensure you can walk without any pain or discomfort. 

What are they caused by?
Believe it or not, bunions are hereditary so they could run in your family. If they don’t run in your family; however, they can form simply by the way you walk or from the shoes you wear, such as high heels. As a result, women typically develop bunions more often than men. 

Podiatry Care You Deserve

Bunions develop when the joint develops at a prominent sideways angle. As a result, the bones of the big toe are pushed towards the smaller toes. Inflammation occurs when the skin over the angled joint rubs on the inside of your shoes. 

If you need bunion treatment, call Complete Foot Care today. 
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