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What does it take to be a competitive athlete? To be a nurse? A surgeon or sales associate? Strong feet! And all of these fields are often seen by Dr. Neal Zomback whose help in alleviating foot problems is well known. But I am just an ordinary person with a simple desire to move on my own -- to take at most a one mile walk -- nothing athletic, just the need to be able to stand and be upright without terrible pain on the ball of the foot, or without causing hammer toes to chafe and bleed. After a surgeon said foot surgery would be quite difficult, and an oncologist urged, "Personally, I have been helped quite a lot by Dr. Zomback," I opened the Zomback office door. There I found a kind and competent office staff, a new vocabulary of "professionally created orthotics" and "foot care," and a vigorous, confident, and excellent physician. The bottom line : no more pain! I would recommend Dr. Zomback to absolutely anyone with feet.



I first met Dr. Zomback in 2013 at a health fair at the Milford YMCA. I had been an exercise enthusiast for many years (running, weight training, swimming, and hiking) until 2011, when I was sidelined by several medical issues (cervical spine surgery, bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome, peripheral spodylarthritis, and a dysfunctional posterior tibial tendon in my right foot). Although I was advised by other doctors to stop running altogether, Dr. Zomback suggested I make an appointment with him to be fitted with custom orthotics. I am pleased to report that with Dr. Zomback’s help, I am back to running marathons, something I thought would never be able to do again. As a result of the orthotics, many of the symptoms caused by the arthritis have also subsided thanks to better foot support. Dr. Zomback’s expertise, positive outlook, and kind personality make his patients feel at ease. His office staff is very friendly and accommodating, often fitting me in for an appointment with short notice when I really need something attended to. I would highly recommend Dr. Zomback to anyone, regardless of age or medical history. He is all that a doctor should be!

Nancy Vitone
Stratford, CT


In 2004 I just about limped into Dr Zombacks office suffering from what turned out to be plantar fascities and tarsal tunnel bilaterally along with a degenerative spine. I stated to him all the others doctors what me to have an operation and take narcotics and I will not!. He said your at the right place now let me see you walk and he finds one hip is higher than the other and he creates a solution, Then he puts a temp support in my shoes and I go home with 60% of my pain gone walking out of his office. Over the years we found out we really on the same page about ergonomics and foundational support of the body from the feet to heal the body naturally.

My injuries were cause from long time standing on hard surfaces have seen the results of failed operations on other colleagues and I am happy to state that Dr Zombacks practice of natural healing with adjustment to the bodies long term wear and tear patterns works and is the wisdom of are Ancient Masters as it allows the bodies life force to heal itself.

Presently my visits are based on the wear and tear patterns on my shoes in relation to pain compliance. This is one Amazing Man who I thank for getting this part of my Life back.

Merci e Boun Appetite

Chef GTL


I’ve been a patient of Neal’s for over 15 years and I have nothing but great things to say about him. He has gotten me through achilles tendinitis, heel spurs, several rounds of plantar fasciitis and sesamoiditis. I have uniquely structured feet which are far from ideal for running. Neal has provided me with custom made orthotics which he constructed in his office with selected materials. These custom orthotics and Neal’s ability to quickly modify them as needed have kept me running into my fifties. I would highly recommend Neal to anyone who is looking for a podiatrist who listens and promptly provides foot care solutions.

- Larissa L.


The selection of footwear at Dr. Zomback's Complete Foot Care, LLC allows me to purchase the proper shoes for my feet and ones that would fit my orthotics. I purchased my dress and casual shoes all in one place!

-Abby D


Four years ago, my feet were in such pain that I tried to stay at my desk at work as much as possible. My feet hurt me so badly that I wanted to cry every time I had to take the long walk to my car at the end of the day. One day during lunch, I discussed my problem with my boss. She suggested that I contact her podiatrist Dr. Neal Zomback. She said, "He will work with you on getting your feet back into shape". So I went to see Dr. Zomback. He was very professional and listened about my foot problems. Dr. Zomback treated me and fitted me for my special orthotics. All that Dr. Zomback did for my feet helped me live my life comfortably again!

-Caren M.


I'm someone with special podiatric needs, since I have one foot twisted through childhood polio. For over 25 years now I've enjoyed the professional services of Dr. Neal Zomback, not just in regular foot care but in the creation and adaption of orthotics specially to fit into my shoes. He really keeps me upright!

-Professor Paul Kennedy


I would like to highly recommend Dr. Zomback. I was experiencing a lot of pain with my feet and it was getting worse. It was to the point where I could no longer enjoy long walks or go to the gym the way I used to. My job requires me to be on my feet and by the end of the day I could hardly walk out of the door I was in so much pain. I was looking for a foot doctor who would not immediately suggest surgery, but would take the time to evaluate my needs and consider the life style I had. Dr. Zomback determined that I needed orthotics and rather than prescribing ones from a box he custom made orthotics for me. These are specific for the different requirements for each of my feet. The difference was amazing. I am now able to attend the exercise classes that I enjoy so much. I can also be on my feet all day at work without any issues. I still see Dr. Zomback for routine adjustments to my orthotics. He is incredibly skilled in his field. Dr. Zomback is also an extremely good listener and finds out what the issues are and has the experience to being able to provide the best possible care for the patient. He is able to consider the biomechanics of the patient, make the orthotics based on the medical need and make recommendations on shoe designs to best compliment the needs of the patient. I would highly recommend Dr. Zomback to anyone with issues with their feet and especially to those who have more complex needs.

-Susan Lowe

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